Alkaline Diet

Acidic Diet vs Alkaline Diet: How High-Alkaline Foods Benefit Your Teeth

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We often ignore how the excess intake of some food or drink affects our teeth unless it causes pain or discomfort. High Sugar drinks increase the acidity of the oral environment. Increased ph creates favorable environments for bacteria which causes demineralization of tooth structure. Citrus fruit consumption also promotes an acidic oral environment.

Diet has changed drastically changed with time where daily sugar intake of humans has increased exponentially. Excessive sugar intake, saliva, and tooth (host) create the perfect environment for bacteria to build up and demineralize the tooth structure which leads to the formation of a carious white and later black lesion. As caries progresses deeper inside the teeth causing inflammation to pulp tissue which in turn responds with pain.

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Acidic Diet

  • Acidic beverages cause the wearing away of the outer layer of the tooth which is enamel which reduces the strength of the entire tooth. demineralization of enamel leads to discoloration of the tooth. Wearing the top layer of the teeth can cause increased teeth sensitivity.
  • Having frequent acidity or acid reflux due to gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD) may cause the wearing away of teeth enamel on the side where it comes in contact with the teeth. Most affected teeth are a lower set of teeth.  
  • Foods and drinks to limit: lemon, lime juice, oranges, pickles, tomato, hot sauce, coffee, alcohol (wine).  

Alkaline Diet

  • A slightly alkaline ph is favorable for the body and might actually benefit our teeth. Alkaline food is beneficial for overall health and also for teeth as it helps to neutralize the acidic oral environment.
  • Also maintaining an alkaline diet that reduces acidity may also help in the case of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GORD) in turn reducing occurrences of regurgitation which leads to the destruction of tooth structure.
  • Switching to an alkaline diet might stop further tooth damage. In case of any doubt about your acidity and diet, one should consult a proficient dentist and make necessary changes in their own diet.
  • Some of the alkaline food are nuts, cheese, oatmeal, mangos, melons, bananas, apples, eggs, vegetables, brown rice, whole grains beans spinach, broccoli green tea watermelon.

So choose your food wisely! For optimal oral health, avoid foods that damage your teeth, and visit Pathak dental clinic for more dietary advice to keep your teeth healthy.        

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