We all know the importance of pregnancy and how important it is to maintain health during pregnancy henceforth writing these blog is very important and also knowing some fact about how oral health plays a key role during your pregnancy is important..

Most of the women have no idea about the precaution one should take during these beautiful journey of pregnancy so it is very important to inform reader that when the pregnancy is detected we usually divide it into three trimester.

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1st trimester is very important as the fetus develop during that stage and hence it is advised to avoid any sort of dental treatment during that period same applies to 3rd trimester where the fetus is developed and cannot be disturbed hence 2nd trimester is considered to be safest period for dental procedure

BUT as per IDA dental treatment can be performed during any of the trimester if it is required but one shall be careful and should avoid as much as possible.

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Due to hormonal changes in the body there are effects on gums hence proper cleaning and maintenance is important while planning for pregnancy …there is a possibility of pyogenic granuloma which is also called pregnancy tumor which can removed if essential but than maintaining proper oral hygiene is key to avoid such condition..

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It is always advised to get all cavity filled before pregnancy as if it proceeds can lead to severe pain and root canal treatment may be required so it is important avoiding any cavity during pregnancy

For any dental procedure it is usually advised to avoid X-rays but than digital X-rays with minimal exposure and lead aprons can be useful diagnostic tool so if X-rays are advised theres nothing to worry ..

During any dental procedure it is very important that the patients is give local anaesthesia without any adrenaline and also patient is advised to carry towel to wrap around the hip as there can be a possibility of postural hypotension hence doctors are advised to maintain proper patient position during any dental procedure but it is very important to take consent from respective gynecologist to avoid any mishap.Avoid taking strong painkillers and antibiotics during pregnancy as some drug affects the fetus usually paracetamol and amoxicillin are group of drugs advised to patients during pregnancy. Pain during pregnancy hampers the eating habit of the patients which ultimately affects the baby hence make sure to keep teeth healthy during these beautiful journey of pregnancy…for any such information feel free to contact us @pathakdentalclinic.

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