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Hi, readers, this is the topic we were waiting to deliver and here we are …before we start with the blog let me explain in simple words what the word’ Diagnosis ‘ means….once the patients explain their symptoms to the doctor and after observing it clinically and radiographically the condition associated with the symptoms is the diagnosis of the condition and based on the diagnosis the treatment is been planned…

So It is very important for all doctors to give a correct diagnosis to give proper treatment to their patients …in dentistry usually people are often mistaken to have a limited diagnosis as they forget that there is end number of conditions associated with the oral cavity henceforth one must not ignore or take oral conditions for granted.

We all know about decay in the tooth and often the dentist will ask or explain the treatment needed for the same either by filling or root canal treatment but again it is important to understand that not all case of tooth decay requires root canal treatment so there are options available in case of deep caries hence making a note of it and taking opinion is always worth…

Secondly, the most common condition is teeth sensitivity for most of the patients but again understanding the symptoms and diagnosis is key to treating the same whether it is due to wearing of tooth layer..due to tooth trauma…gums recession..broken teeth..hence in such case again the diagnosis is important …PLEASE NOTE …NOT ALL TEETH SENSITIVITY IS TREATED BY TOOTHPASTE OR GEL SOME CONDITIONS REQUIRES PROPER DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT so understand how important the diagnosis is.

Again there are conditions whereby white and red patches ..ulceration is sometimes noted inside the mouth or tongue which should not be ignored by the dentist or the patients which can be Cancer and need to be treated as soon as possible our daily practice have seen multiple cases of oral cancer and henceforth we always advise our patients to take them seriously and understand how important it is to get treated for same.

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Constant pain associated with the jaw ..ear ..throat is associated with wisdom teeth for which patients take end number of opinions so diagnosis is the key other neurogenic pains are also associated with oral cavity TMJ joint so it is important for the patient to understand that taking opinion and understanding diagnosis is very important…other conditions like HIV also shoes oral conditions first not only that there are end number of conditions related to mouth so it is important not to ignore any oral conditions and visit dentist every six months and yes we @PATHAK dental clinic are always there to hear you out visit us

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