full mouth rehabilitation

“Full Mouth Rehabilitation”- A New Hope to Healthy Smile

What is Full mouth rehabilitation?

Full mouth rehabilitation in Pune is to improve the functions and esthetics of your teeth which includes a combination of multiple treatments. Most people have confusion between smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitation. A smile makeover is a minimal process where only the teeth in the esthetic zone are treated for aesthetic and functional purposes. Whereas the full mouth rehabilitation process is an extensive procedure wherein all the teeth are treated with restorations and root canal treatment. Not only this but also multiple crowns and bite adjustments are made.

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When to opt for full mouth rehabilitation?

1. In case of multiple carious teeth both in the front and back region.

2. Severely worn (attrited and abraded) teeth due to tooth clenching and bruxism

3. in case of any joint disorder like temporomandibular disorder

4. Aesthetically compromised teeth, like crowded and discolored

5. Multiple mobile teeth and bleeding gums

6. lost teeth, due to trauma or weak periodontal condition.


What is the process of full mouth rehabilitation in Pune?

1. First the dentist will do an overall dental check-up and keep records of all the teeth that require treatments

2. X-ray will be taken. The dentist might ask you for a 3D scan ie, CBCT, or a 2D orthopantomogram (OPG) to have a look at all the teeth at the same time

3. Treatment plan will be decided as per the dental checkup and X-rays.

4. Your teeth might require multiple root canal treatments and restorations. Also, extractions of grossly decayed teeth if necessary. Also, there is the possibility of minor surgeries such as periodontal surgeries to strengthen your gums and solve the problems of recession and root exposure if at all necessary.

5. Impressions will be taken for preparation of the crown over the root canal-treated teeth. Nowadays digital impressions are taken in digital scanners.

6. All the root canal-treated teeth will be given crowns. For surgical sites, the dentist will ask you to wait for some days or weeks as the sites will be healing meanwhile.

7. Replacement will then follow. You will be advised to go for a fixed partial denture (bridge) or Implants.

8. Other procedures of bite correction and orthodontic treatment will follow.

Though full mouth rehabilitation requires multiple sittings post-treatment you will see positive changes in your smile both functionally and esthetically.

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