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Full Mouth Replacement Of Teeth With Dental Implants: Complete Treatment Process

In the era of modern dentistry, most of the people in urban area are well aware of most of the dental procedure or basic dental procedure that is carried out routinely in any dental clinic but still, there are many others who have no idea about the dental implantology which has been boon to dental treatment in past many years so let’s see how can implants help to replace all missing tooth in the mouth.

Most people wish to have fixed teeth rather than removable dentures as none shall like a denture which has to be periodically removed, but for a matter of fact dentures are still one of the best treatments for completely edentulous jaw as they are economical and reliable but still in the era where people are so health conscious these days everyone would want to fix tooth and implant is the best option.

In these blogs, we are going to discuss various aspects whereby implants can help to replace all missing teeth and restore the normal functioning of the jaw.

Before we start let’s see what are the disadvantage of having no teeth:

  • No proper chewing of food leading to indigestion and other systemic problem
  • Limited food intake is another reason for poor health
  • Esthetically not pleasant
  • Socially lack of confidence
  • Change in speech …improper pronunciation of words
  • Constant bone loss and changes in the jaw affecting facial esthetic
  • Patients are depressed and more anxious at the same time

How Can Implant Be The Best Option To Replace All Missing Tooth

We all that implant have been one of the best options to replace a missing tooth, basically, most of the people have the fear as it’s the foreign body inserted inside the jawbone but the fact is being titanium metal it is very much compatible to the body and have no risk involved henceforth one should not be worried much and shall consult implantologist if they have any sort of fear.

Implants serve as an anchor which holds the crown or bridge together just like a natural tooth being the best option for any missing tooth. There are different concepts and different implant systems which can be used to replace all missing teeth.

The other query that most of the patients have is the cost of the implant but then one must know that each implant system is different with different surface characteristics and different brands plus different components, not all implants are alike so as the price isn’t henceforth don’t compare the price and decide the treatment.

Various option’s for full mouth teeth replacement:

All on four implants for full mouth replacement:

This is one of the most common procedures to be used by the dentist to replace all missing teeth. The dentist may first advise the patient to take a three-dimensional x-ray i.e CBCT to determine the amount of bone present to determine the sizes of the implant to be used for a prosthesis.

Sometimes the dentist may also make a stent that enables or guides him for implant insertion which can be charged separately by the dentist. After the X-ray and stent, the dentist shall take an impression model for future references and tooth positioning.

During the procedure, the dentist may administer local anesthesia and taking the help of the X-ray or stent shall insert the implant according to the position required mostly in the canine and molar area. Once the implant is inserted and sutured the dentist shall ask for three months as it takes three months for the implant to heal inside the bone a process called osseointegration, till then the dentist may give a denture or temporary prosthesis. A regular follow-up is then required to determine the healing and once osseointegration is done the dentist shall take the impression and then fix the prosthesis.
In some cases, 6-8 implants may be used by the dentist in the upper jaw and 6 implants in the lower jaw to ensure more stability to the prosthesis

Basal Bone Implant:

The basal bone implant is again the best procedure to replace all missing tooth in just 48 hrs ….most of people get surprised about this technique of tooth replacement but it’s possible now whereby the implants are inserted in the cortical bone rather than medullary unlike conventional and then prosthesis are given the very next day.

The procedure is very simple, easy, and quick with minimal discomfort. The technique is usually preferred in the patient with a compromised bone condition whereby there is an inadequate amount of bone for conventional implants. The procedure involves using 10 implants for the upper jaw and 8 implants for the lower jaw and than taking the impression.

These are completely different implant systems when compared to conventional implants and henceforth it’s very effective and quick to give 24 teeth in just 48 hrs whereby the patients can start enjoying their favorite food from 3 days onwards.

We shall highlight other techniques in the next blog but if you want to more please visit our website