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How can you avoid dental treatment!!!!!

Hahahaha seriously what a topic …how can we write a blog on this but then we are serious ….one can avoid dental treatment by taking simple home measures…..

So let’s talk about these today first of all if you wanna have healthy teeth start brushing your teeth and make sure you brush twice a day by using an appropriate soft bristles brush and fluoride-containing toothpaste as fluoride resists bacteria and prevent cavity damaging your teeth…..

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Make sure to change your brush every three months…most of us continue to use it until its bristles wear off so if you wanna avoid using a new toothbrush every three months …

Then make sure to floss at least five times a week to prevent food lodgement in between your teeth as that’s the area which is most prone to teeth decay……….

Start using mouthwash after every three months period for at least fourteen days …using gum paint in between can help to tone your gums and nourish them……

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Don’t take stress….yes you heard it right stress hampers your teeth, particularly for patients with bruxism resulting in the wearing of teeth so take it easy and smile as smiling reflects your personality …..

Don’t go for unwanted tooth whitening skills at home better consult a dentist for that.

We hope we have managed to give you tips and tricks to avoid dental treatment but then we expect you to visit the dentist at least once a year and for any other details you know where to search yes …

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