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How Does Pediatric Dentistry Benefit Children?

It’s just milk teeth, going to fall off soon replaced by the permanent ones ‘, we say so! Is there no need for a dental visit as soon as possible for your child? Should we only go and see a dentist if there is pain involved? With little knowledge of what we have, we might ignore small developmental changes and turn a small manageable dental problem into a big one.

Pediatric dentists have mastered the skills to work with dental issues occurring in children. As they have the expertise and training to manage, handle and treat children effectively without causing any trauma to the child patient and have pleasant and comfortable dental clinical experience.

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Why save milk teeth?  

     Kids are mostly unaware of their dental care and parents tend to ignore the issue with milk teeth as they eventually going to fall off soon. No doubt that your child’s permanent teeth will surely thank you if you take good care of your child’s milk teeth. Milk teeth are extremely important as they initiate and promote proper growth of maxillary and mandibular jaw i.e. upper and lower jaw, while they erupt and further also save up space for permanent teeth to erupt in the place of milk teeth. The placement of milk teeth also gives an idea about how the permanent teeth will erupt, also the future alignment of permanent teeth can be roughly predicted and if there is any need for orthodontic intervention, it can be done as early as possible with the help of a dentist.

Emotional and psychological needs of a child

Making kids comfortable before starting any kind of treatment or procedure on the dental chair is the most important thing. Pediatric dentists are skilled with behavior management and can handle every emotion of a child accordingly. This will determine further treatment time, child’s attitude toward the dentist and dental clinic. Many kids might have pre-existing fear of a dentist because of previous dental visits which can be well managed by an experienced pediatric dentist. Also, they make sure that patients have a good first dental experience and they get used to the dentist and dental clinic so that further appointments can be carried on smoothly.

 Child’s Comfort with the dentist and the clinic 

As pediatricians are used to dealing with young patients every day, they know how to handle kids in every situation and make sure every child receives complete dental treatment. Also, pediatric dental clinics mostly have a child-friendly and cheerful environment, usually having small chairs, a playing area with toys and games. so kids are comfortable visiting pediatric dental clinics. Also, pediatric dentists have exclusively young patients which creates a friendly and comfortable surrounding for every child.

When to see your dentist?

A pediatric dentist typically sees children from ages ranging from 6 months to 14 years or until all milk teeth are replaced with permanent teeth. Monitoring each and every developmental stage till all the permanents erupted correctly, habits such as thumb sucking, and nail-biting have long-term severe effects on the teeth which can be easily detected by your dentist. Such habits are easy to manage at an early age. Also, pediatric dentists have deep knowledge of developmental disturbances or anomalies. Early identification and correction of the same can benefit your child at a very young ageDon’t overlook the oral health of your child!  Every child needs to see a dentist as soon as the first tooth erupts or at the age of 6 months and revisit the dentist after every few months as advised by the dentist. follow-up after every 6 months is recommended.

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