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How long does root canal treatment last?

Nowadays almost everyone have idea about root canal treatment as it’s the most common treatment for teeth pain…but the question that most of the patients have about root canal treatment is the durability of root canal treatment……….let us today discuss about how long can a good root canal treated tooth last…

Firstly, success of root canal treatment is depended on many factors including the patients maintenance and care and regular follow up but if the root canal is properly done it shall last for many years …yes it can last all your life too if proper care is taken.

What is successful root canal treatment?

Till date no dentist is able to describe what a successful root canal is all about but yes for patients a successful root canal is no pain no swelling no discomfort for the teeth they have treated but there are number of factors which determine the durability of root canal teeth

First factor is whether the root canal treatment was done properly by the dentist….whether all the canal were filled properly…. type of material used for your root canal treatment also plays a key role for its success ..whether the tooth was properly filled after root canal… proper marginal seal…… type of material used for filling after root canal treatment all these factors are important for the longevity of root canal treated tooth.

Another major factor is whether capping is done to the tooth if not there are chances of the tooth fractured if the patient’s bites on it so capping is a must after root canal treatment.

Lastly, root canal is a very skillful treatment and needs an experienced and skilled dentist with proper knowledge about all the procedures and steps to perform root canal henceforth visit a dentist with proper skill and knowledge about the procedure.

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When and why root canal treatment?
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