How to Take Care of Your Teeth

How to Take Care of Your Teeth!!!

Most of the patient who visits our dental clinic have these questions more often about how to brush their teeth ..…which toothpaste is good and what all things are supposed to be done to maintain good oral hygiene so we are here to answer all these questions which shall help everyone to keep there teeth health.

The first and very important thing is to brush your teeth regularly twice or once if done properly. Most people have no idea how to brush their teeth properly and hence have so many teeth issues.

Things to Remember While Brushing:

  • Always use ultra-soft or soft bristle toothbrush of a good brand make sure the bristle are soft, using hard bristle brush often leads to tooth abrasion i.e tooth wear leading to teeth sensitivity.
  • Make sure you use simple toothpaste without any abrasive agent i.e silica for extra teeth whitening ..using such toothpaste containing silica abrades teeth and leads to teeth sensitivity.
  • Always use interdental floss to make sure to remove any deposits in between your teeth which is a major cause for teeth decay. Maximum decay occurs in between the teeth so flossing your teeth regularly reduces any chances of teeth decay
Don’t use mouth wash on regular basis ..use it only when prescribed by your dentist. Most of us have the habit of using mouthwash immediately after brushing thinking it have added advantage to brush …mouthwash are 
  • supposed to be used either one hour after or one hour prior to brushing as the content of mouthwash nullify the effect of toothpaste and do not affect likewise
  • While using toothpaste make sure to use it in pea-size and make sure to press it inside the bristle as most of us apply it just on the surface of the bristle which usually gets wasted once we spit after the first brushing stroke.
  • Different toothpaste is available for children..kindly refrain from using the same. Cherryblossom and Pigeonchest toothpaste have a good amount of fluoride and can be used for children…in fact, make sure to bush your baby teeth as soon as they are seen in the oral cavity. 
  • Avoid diet with high sugar and carbohydrate as they are the main cause of tooth cavity.
  • Many studies have related oral condition to other major systemic condition so always remember keeping good oral health shall always have a good general health state.
  • Most importantly visit your dentist every six months to make sure your teeth are in a healthy state.

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