Importance of Medical History in Dentistry

Medical history plays a very important role while treating patients for any dental procedure. We at Pathak Dental Clinic believe in taking appropriate medical history before starting any dental treatment for our patients but despite that many of the patients have no idea how dental procedure may aggravate their medical condition henceforth we have made a video and now these blog so that it can help the patients to understand the importance of medical history in dental treatment.

Let’s start from the most common condition that majority of the patients have prior to start the procedure ….Yes you have guessed rightly…..,,,……,, it’s the BLOOD PRESSURE ,many of us still have no idea but B.P is the most common medical condition seen in almost every second patients so WHY wait consult your physician and start with antihypertensive… dentistry B.P have major impact, the patient have to first consult the physician and get the consent prior to start any dental procedure….if on medication have to inform the dentist about the medication its duration. Most of the time patients with high or low B.P end up with syncope on dental chair so it is important to understand it’s the patient’s responsibility to give proper medical history.

Recently dengue fever have been one of the most common cause of complication while treating patients for teeth related issue henceforth it is important for the patients to give any history of fever in the past days to avoid any complication …in addition to this any blood disorders related to platelets or medication (blood thinner) shall be informed prior to any dental treatment.

Conditions like diabetes, hormonal therapy, thyroid disorders, epilepsy, asthma history of cancer treatment, any past surgery, medication, the patient is suppose to give detail medical history to the dentist. Pregnancy is another condition where dental treatment has limitation henceforth to avoid any such complication during dental treatment it is responsibility of the patient to give detail medical history to the dentist.

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