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Teeth Whitening Options at the Best Dental Clinic in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune: Achieving a Brighter Smile

Yes finally we are talking about teeth whitening …we all know in today’s world where everyone wants to look the best socially ..it is a known fact that without a proper smile, our personality is incomplete, you need to understand that a pleasant smile is a sign of confidence. One of the best possible to enhance your smile is teeth whitening also known as bleaching in dentistry which makes your teeth look brighter and more pleasant henceforth cosmetic dentistry is gaining more popularity these days than ever before.

Bleaching or teeth whitening is a very simple procedure and is better when performed by a dentist rather than using YouTube techniques to whiten your teeth henceforth it is recommended to consult your dentist before undergoing teeth whitening as in many cases it is contradicted…

How is teeth whitening performed by a dentist:

There are several things that are taken into consideration before going for teeth whitening
the first thing is done to clean up your enamel layer of teeth without any issue to dentin or other layer of teeth it may include simple scaling and polishing which involves removing stains and other deposits by using a scaler a machine designed to clean the teeth giving teeth it’s natural look and enhancing your smile.
The other technique includes using a bleaching agent containing sodium perborate and hydrogen peroxide in a concentration higher than the other agents available in the market…the dentist shall apply gingival retraction to make sure to protect your gums from this chemical agent which otherwise causes irritation and discoloration of your gums temporary…after applying the gingival retraction the professional shall apply the chemical agent eventually on the tooth surface and activate it using laser or ultraviolet light for recommended time..using laser or ultraviolet light acts as a synergistic agent leading to the breakdown of stain more quickly thereby giving you a brighter and esthetic smile you deserve…

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In some cases where the stains are difficult to remove the dentist may repeat the procedure eventually and rinse it thoroughly using water ….prior to using these bleaching agents the dentist shall recommend you to use desensitizer toothpaste and after bleaching also use desensitizer too is recommended to suppress the sensitivity that happens after bleaching your teeth ….teeth fluorosis ..condition with hypoplastic enamel are not suitable for bleaching and one shall avoid bleaching in such condition
Always consider the dental professional before undergoing teeth whitening the reasons are very simple
The dentist knows the exact amount of hydrogen peroxide to be used for teeth whitening ..using high concentration may damage your teeth thereby causing prolonged hypersensitivity and also if comes in contact with gums it may cause damage and irritation…when a professional does your teeth whitening shall be a quick procedure and all thanks to these laser and ultraviolet devices so achieving teeth whitening is very quick.

In addition to these when a professional dentist performs teeth whitening it is going to be more effective than using a home remedy for teeth whitening plus the results are going to last for a longer period if done by a dentist which is probably up to a year nothing is permanent the results are also limited to a particular duration…but always remember if you are a smoker or Chai lover the results may last for 6-8 months so it’s better to inform your dentist before bleaching about your habits …all these procedures also help in maintaining your teeth keeping them healthy and better…you already know where you should look out if you wanna whiten your teeth yes @www.pathakdentalclinic.com or visit us

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