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When and why root canal treatment?

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Why does my tooth hurt? Why do I have food stuck in between my teeth? Why do I have severe pain?

In India, most of the people visit the dental clinic only when they start experiencing severe pain in their teeth….for them, the reason is still a myth!!! So today we thought of writing about the most common dental issue that still remains unanswered for many patients out there in India.

Ignorance is bliss!!!!

The basic problem is when a person doesn’t know about the problem he is not worried about it nor he cares too… dentistry everything starts with small issues but when ignored leads to severe problems.

Our teeth consist of three parts or you can say it is divided into three parts that is white, yellow and red …..,technically enamel, dentin and pulp and is surrounded by gums and supported by bone …this is the normal anatomy of any tooth either primary or permanent.

A cavity which is basically bacteria starts from the outermost layer of the tooth that is enamel which causes no symptoms nor any pain and so most of the people are unaware and are ignorant…as the time proceeds the decay progresses and so does the symptoms like sensitivity slight discomfort sometimes food lodgement as it progresses the symptoms increases.

Early detection of the cavity and filling helps to prevent further progression of the decay and saves the tooth from root canal treatment, hence advised to visit your dentist every six months.

“A stitch in time saves nine” so doesn’t be ignorant and visit the dentist every six months.

What Is Root Canal Treatment And Why Is It Done?

Once the cavity reaches the innermost layer that is the pulp patients start experiencing severe pain which is unbearable and has no option but to visit the dentist. So if you start experiencing any such pain don’t hesitate just visit PATHAK DENTAL CLINIC or any dentist who is trustworthy.


Before starting the root canal treatment the area around the tooth is anaesthetized using local anaesthesia and hence the procedure is painless so the patient shouldn’t be worried about the pain during root canal treatment. Once the tooth is anaesthetized the dentist starts with slowly removing the decay and reaches the pulp chamber thereby exploring the canals and thereby starts the cleaning and removing the infected pulp with the subsequent dental filling procedure. Files of increasing sizes are used to enlarge the canal and frequent irrigation is done using saline and sodium hypochlorite to make sure the canal is thoroughly cleaned leaving no infected pulp or infection beyond.

Different file systems are used depending upon the dentist will and case that differs from person to person and from tooth to tooth so the patients shouldn’t compare their previous experience and doctors. Each tooth is different and so is the procedure. Once the cleaning is done the tooth is filled with temporary cement incase of single sitting root canal treatment the canal is filled with a thermoplastic material that is gutta-percha to make sure no empty space is left behind to prevent from bacteria reinfection on the same day but there is an indication for single sitting root canal treatment and should opt accordingly. Once the cleaning is done the dentist fill it with the same material. Once the root canal is done the tooth is filled with permanent cement. After root canal treatment the tooth is being covered with a cap to make sure the tooth last longer.

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In most cases, root canal treatment is painless with absolutely no pain or discomfort depending upon the severity of the infection. The dentist prescribes analgesic and antibiotics to make sure there is no pain postoperatively so the patient shouldn’t be worried about root canal treatment.

For painless Root Canal Treatment do visit Pathak Dental Clinic.

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