Dentistry isn’t Expensive, Neglect Is!

I am sure you all know the famous school time quote which says, “stitch in a time saves nine“ theoretically yes we are all well verse with this quote over a period of time but somehow vanished after school when we actually needed to understand its meaning practically in our day to day lives. We are all little too busy with our own lives, running errands that we might skip certain necessary things before actually us having a reason to put our awareness onto it. Yes, I am talking about your precious teeth.

Dental pain is most common chief complaint of patients visiting a dentist. Until then no damage to our teeth are well acknowledged because of lack of basic dental knowledge among the general population. And pain is a bothersome symptom but not the earliest symptom of dental problems.  It actually send any person into panic situation leading to an urgency to visit a nearest dental clinic as soon as possible. Tooth pain is a symptom which need to be attended urgently which might need a little more complex treatment such as root canal treatment followed by a dental crown or extraction followed by dental bridges, etc. which usually sends your expenses skyrocketing instead of a simple dental cement. Whereas conscious awareness of your dental hygiene might have costed you less or negligible depending upon your current oral health index.

A person with excellent oral hygiene and complete dental awareness with no dental issues such has cavities or missing tooth will only have to spend his/her money on oral hygiene tools such as toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc. Neglecting good oral hygiene practice will lead to occurance of dental cavities which has to filled with appropriate dental cement. If ignored will lead to syptomatic tooth which eventually has to be treated with root canal treatment. If left untreated the tooth show poor prognosis which has to be removed. And the missing tooth has to be replaced by using dental bridges or dental implants which is expensive than any earlier treatments mentioned above hence, “stitch in a time saves nine” earlier you get your teeth fixed less is the time and money spent on your treatments.

Foremost thing is trusting your doctor with his/her treatment plan which works best for you and get all your doubts clarified. Contact us today!