Common Challenges of Crowns and Bridges: Insights from Pune’s Leading Orthodontist

Issues with crowns and bridges:

Tooth replacement is of prime importance if in any case, you have got any of your teeth removed due to a deep carious lesion, fracture, or any other dental infection. Yes!! Tooth replacement is of prime importance as it can cause changes in your supporting tooth structures such as gums, supporting alveolar bone, and also adjacent teeth. After you lose your teeth the supporting bone gets resorbed ie it will lose its width and height. Also, bone density will be hampered.

The adjacent teeth will start migrating toward the empty space and the opposing tooth will start supra-erupting. A replacement prosthesis in the open space will prevent such issues of the supporting

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Replacement of teeth can be of two types: removable or fixed [crowns and bridges]

  1. Removable prostheses include removable partial dentures, cast partial dentures, and complete dentures. So as the name suggests it’s REMOVABLE. Such prosthesis needs utmost care while using and also regular cleaning. The best advantage is that it is quite budget-friendly.
  2. Fixed prostheses are a wide range of prostheses such as crowns and bridges, resin-bonded
    Maryland bridge implants are both conventional and basal bone implants. All of them have their own pros and cons.

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Here we are to discuss some issues related to crowns and bridges

  1. Cutting adjacent teeth: In order to replace a tooth both the adjacent teeth have to be reduced in all directions hence compromising the tooth structure.
  2. Microleakage: even after fixing the crown or bridge with luting cement, there can be some micro spaces through which saliva and food particles can get stuck, leading to sensitivity and caries in the supporting teeth.
  3. Irritation to gums: some luting cement can cause irritation to gums. Leading to redness and
    gingival recession in some period of time.
  4. Post-operative sensitivity: As an excellent vital tooth has been cut to place a crown over it, microleakage can lead to sensitivity on having cold or sweet beverages.
  5. Food lodgement: there are some chances of food lodgement after placing the crown and bridge in case some space gets left in between the tooth and crown or between the crown and adjacent tooth.
  6. Dislodged prosthesis: There are always some chances of dislodgment of the crown or bridge in case of having any chewy food material such as chewing gum or any caramelized toffee. Such can cause the luting cement to get weakened and hence dislodges the prosthesis.
  7. life span: life span of the crown and bridge is a limited one. Maximum until 10 years if regular follow-up is taken and with maintained hygiene.
    So by accessing the above cons for crowns and bridges we usually recommend patients go to an implant-supported fixed prosthesis which ultimately stays with to till the end.
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