Expectation vs Reality

Sometimes it is very important to know the reality before expecting the unexpected …..A bit complicated but true.

Let’s start this blog with the reality in the field of dentistry whereby patient expects miracle from dentist few of the reality are listed in this blog…..

  1. No postoperative pain after tooth extraction …it is very important to understand that though anesthesia is given at the  time of extraction postoperatively there shall be pain lasting for 5-8 days for which the dentist shall prescribe antibiotics and analgesics…there are also chances of swelling in cases where complicated teeth are removed.

  2. In cases of wisdom tooth which are most difficult tooth to extract there are associated risks depending the anatomy of the teeth so its important for the patient to understand the complication.

  3. Sometimes patients expect warranty and guarantee for their treatment which is so unrealistic thing …nothing is permanent in the world so don’t expect miracles.

  4. Dental problems can hamper your overall general health too so taking teeth for granted is a big NO.

  5. Dentists too are humans and can mistake take so it is important for the patient to understand.

  6. Bargaining patients right but overdoing is cheap.

  7. Don’t compare….. dentist experience and skill comes with time and so respect it.

  8. Treatment can be perfect but it’s the responsibility of the patients to maintain their teeth without maintenance the tooth treatment shall relapse.

  9. Tooth pain is terrible so avoid but keep track on them visit dentist every six months.

  10. Time to take dental treatment seriously

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