gummy smile treatment

Gummy smile….Don’t worry we shall correct it.

In this Era where people are concerned about appearance,…. smile is one thing that cannot be ignored nor can be replaced so today we shall discuss a gummy smile which can ruin your smile and more often needs correction.

What is Gummy Smile?

A Gummy smile is excessive gums display mostly in the upper jaw which makes the smile look unpleasant.

Normally only 2/3 of upper teeth and 1/3 of lower teeth should be visible when a person smiles anything excess than that makes your smile looks unesthetic.

Reasons For Gummy Smile:

  • Delayed tooth eruption
  • Short upper lip
  • Excessive growth of maxillary bone
  • Medication causing gingival enlargement
  • Periodontal diseases
  • Orthodontic treatment

But can all these reasons stop you from smiling and affecting your self-esteem….don’t worry and visit your dentist for gummy smile correction.

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How do you get rid of a gummy smile?

Treatment for Gummy Smile in Pune:


Gingivectomy is performed by a periodontist (gums specialist) whereby after giving local anaesthesia to the confined region of the surgery excessive gums are either cut or contoured using a scalpel or blade in the appropriate contour following the gingival margin…its very important for the periodontist to maintain the zenith of the marginal gingival to make sure you have correct smile line

Another procedure is crown lengthening which is basically implicated in teeth with shorter crown and is being performed by a periodontist whereby some bone is also contoured in addition to gums.

Lip Repositioning Surgery:

In cases of the short lip, this surgery is been indicated whereby the dentist changes the position of your lips relative to your teeth by removing the underlying connective tissue below the upper lip and attaching it to the attached gingiva with a suture.

It usually takes 45-60 min to perform both the surgery and the doctor shall prescribe analgesics and antibiotics.

Minor swelling and discomfort are expected for 3-5 days and shall subside eventually with time thereby giving you the smile you deserve.

Orthogynathic Surgery:

The surgery is usually performed by an oral surgeon under general anaesthesia in case the jaw bone is the reason for your gummy smile which includes the removal of a section of bone from the upper jaw and reattached using screws and a plate.

Healing requires 8-12 weeks and hospital admission for additional 3-5 days.

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