How Can I Find Affordable Dental Implants?

Dental implants have become routine dental procedure for fixing missing tooth but than most of the patients find it to be more expensive than the traditional bridge and henceforth are reluctant to undergo dental implants…

Let’s discuss how we can find affordable dental implants to fix our missing tooth……

We all know implant is a titanium material which is inserted in the jaw bone to fix the crown over it and replace the tooth accordingly but most of the patients have no idea about the varying cost of implant and henceforth they compare the cost of implants so today we shall discuss about the factors that determine the cost of implants.

First is grade of the titanium to be used…. usually there are five grades and depending upon higher grade the price vary

Second is the design of implant whether it is narrow body or tapered body

Implant pitching is another factor to decide the cost of the implant

Fourth factor is the brand of the implant to be used implants of higher range will always cost more

Fifth factor is the studies carried on the implant and durability of the implant

Considering all these factor implant may range from 15k to 50k hence patients shall discuss in detail about the implant to be used….

The most important factor is the skill, expertise and knowledge of the dentist doing the implant and also the location of the clinic matters and the experience of the dentist too but still if you have doubts and queries fell free to visit us @ or contact us @ 9762126132