Impacted Wisdom teeth

Impacted Wisdom Teeth Treatment In Pune

Wisdom teeth or third molars are the last set of teeth to erupt in the oral cavity by the age of 17 to 25 years. In some cases, they may erupt partially or be impacted.
There are 4 wisdom teeth in total present behind the second molar teeth.

Why in some cases the wisdom teeth do not erupt?

Normally the wisdom teeth erupt without any complication behind the second molar teeth by the age of 17 to 25 years. But in some cases, the wisdom teeth fail to erupt and line up with the other molars, because They do not have enough room to come in the oral cavity.
It may partially erupt according to the amount of space present or may never break through the gums (completely impacted).

The impacted teeth can be of different types –

Tyeps of tooth Impaction
Types of Tooth Impaction

What damage does an impacted tooth cause?

The impacted tooth pushes against the erupted molar leading to damage of the second molar or causing infection in that area. This can further lead to tilting of the molars and crowding of the teeth.
A partially erupted third molar is highly prone to caries and infection. This is probably because it is an area difficult to clean and food and bacteria get easily lodged in the gums of a partially erupted tooth. This may also lead to gum disease in that area where the gums become red, swollen, and painful, this is called pericoronitis.
Also, if the sac in which the wisdom tooth develops, gets filled with fluid, there are chances for the formation of cysts in the jaw. This complication is rare and may require the removal of tissue or some part of the bone.

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Symptoms of wisdom teeth and treatment.

Surgical extraction of the symptomatic wisdom teeth should be done.
It is also suggested to remove asymptomatic wisdom teeth to prevent future potential problems as –

  • symptom-free wisdom teeth may not be free of disease.
  • If there isn’t enough space for the teeth to erupt, it’s often hard to get to them and clean them properly.
  • Severe complexities with wisdom teeth happen less often in a younger stage.
  • The Wisdom tooth treatment procedure is more difficult and more complicated later in life, particularly among older adults.


You can’t keep an impaction from occurring, but keeping regular six-month dental appointments for cleaning and checkup enables your nearest dentist to monitor the growth and emergence of your wisdom teeth. Regularly updated dental X-rays may indicate impacted wisdom teeth before any symptoms develop.

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