Can Oral Disease Hamper Other Systemic Condition In The Body?

In India, oral care is often ignored as most of the people think that teeth are only important for chewing food and as people have twenty-eight teeth losing few won’t have any overall impact and one can survive with few teeth ….so we decided to write something about how teeth play an important role in the overall maintenance of your teeth.

Have we ever thought that if we don’t have teeth or if we have a missing molar it can affect the entire biting or masticating system that’s the importance of teeth but most of us are ignorant …we all know in fact back in Vedas too it has been said that the food should be chewed properly in fact 32 times so that it can be digested properly …if we do not chew properly problems related to GIT is very common i.e acidity, constipation which then cause various other general problems

Studies have shown how oral disease is related to diabetes, in fact, periodontal disease (gum disease) is considered as one of the sixth complications in diabetes in fact gum disease has a serious impact on the heart too leading to cardiac arrest but still, we all are ignorant about oral health. Oral cancer is one of the most common cause for many death in India and dentist are first to diagnose yet many patients doesn’t take it seriously and ignore leading to a serious issue. Studies have also shown how oral condition affect pregnant women whereby poor oral condition can lead to premature delivery or low birth weight of baby hence it again becomes important to realize how important is visit your dentist every six months 

Recently studies have shown how maintaining good oral hygiene play a vital role in Covid –19 patients to maintain their overall health

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