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5 reasons why shouldn’t one skip regular dental checkups?

“Prevention is better than cure”, yet many people, not only in India but worldwide seems to take their oral health for granted, Dental Anxiety, Time and Money are the most common reason. Yet regular dental checkups are important not only to maintain oral health but also to your overall well being. Just by brushing and flossing twice daily doesn’t mean that your oral health is perfectly fine. Either because of today’s busy lives or because of the dread of visiting a dental office, many people are reluctant to Regular Dental Checkups.

What Does Complete Dental Care Means?

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Complete dental care means you should do regular dental Checkups. 2-3 visits yearly to your dentist so that your oral health is maintained and so that no further emergency arises.

Although the number of visits depends on individuals with different habits and lifestyles. Having regular check-ups will not only predetermine the oral health but also your overall systemic health.

Reasons to get a regular dental checkup

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should do regular dental Checkups

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1. Plaque, Tartar, and cavities:

 Even with the most diligent brushers and flossers, some places in the mouth are often left uncleaned which leads to the formation of plaque which is very difficult to remove even after brushing and flossing. Plaque if not removed, gets solid and eventually turns into tartar(calculus) which is extremely difficult to remove without professional help.

Mostly patient with crowded teeth often has the problem of plaque accumulation. so such patients are advised to have regular checkups. If tartar and plaque are not removed and if oral cleaning is ignored it might result in demineralization of the tooth surface, this leads to cavity formation eventually leading to pain. This can be avoided by regular cleaning and filling the decayed teeth so no further pain is experienced. Often people ignore the calculus formation around their gums and teeth which also leads to gum inflammation and pain.

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2. Gum Disease:

Plaque and tartar not only decay teeth but also affects gum health. The accumulated tartar causes redness of gums due to inflammation and loosens the gums which are attached to the tooth surface. The gums are pulled away which also causes the bone to recede down.

Avoid gum disease by doing regular dental checkup

Gum inflammation can be detected by redness in the gums, swelling, bleeding on sucking or sometimes even by brushing and rinsing, soreness of mouth and bad breath. Gum disease can also cause teeth migration which can further lead to food lodgement and the teeth mobility. At this point, thorough cleaning is required, which can only be suspected by regular dental checkups, especially by Periodontist.

Regular dental cleaning will reduce one’s probability of encountering gum infection and other underlying problems related to gum disease. Sometimes in moderate to severe gum infection gum surgery is also required. So regularly get your teeth cleaned twice every year to prevent invasive surgical interventions.

3. Dental cancer:

Just as regular blood tests and screenings are required to check for cancers, Regular dental checkups are needed to spot the oral variety. Although dental cancers are most often associated with people having tobacco chewing or smoking habits. Most people are unaware of the harmful effects of tobacco on oral health.

Oral cancers can be detected by differentiating the normal texture of your oral mucosa or other oral linings like neck and throat which a dental professional can identify. Unfortunately, oral cancers are deadly because many people are unaware of the texture changes that occur in the oral cavity. Hence visiting a dentist for routine dental checkups is important not only for teeth and gums but for the oral mucosal lining of the mouth, throat, and neck.

4. To aid your overall health: 

Increased oral problems seem to have been a root cause of other systemic problems like cardiovascular diseases. Multiple studies have uncovered links between gum disease and stroke, high cholesterol, heart disease, and even early labor in expectant mothers. bacteria spawned from accumulated plaque enters into the bloodstream and travels to the main arteries and causes cardiac problems. Hence comprehensive Regular dental checkups is a must not only for the oral region but also for the heart, perhaps.

5. Save money:

Many people wait to schedule an appointment only after a dental problem has become obvious, or even only after it’s become too painful to bear. Unfortunately, this strategy probably won’t help save on costs. A dental issue you can see or feel is usually in a fairly advanced state. So treatment will typically be both extensive… and expensive. The earlier you visit the dentist, the more you’ll be able to save. The cost of routine dental checkups will pay for itself over time – and those savings are sure to make you smile!

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If your dentist asks you to follow routine dental checkups to improve your oral health, follow it religiously. Usually, it is recommended that you should visit a dentist twice a year, but if your dental professional recommends you otherwise, stick to it.

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