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Let’s talk about the most common questions asked to us by our patients and how we explain them…..

Hi readers …we thought of making this blog more interesting by elaborating the question asked to us by our patients and the explanation we give them so here we go…

The most common questions asked is

Is tooth removal related to blindness?

The answer is ‘NO’…. tooth removal doesn’t  affect your eye in any way if so patients with no teeth would be blind forever

The second most common questions is why do we get cavity despite brushing teeth properly?

The answer is improper brushing technique and lack of oral hygiene regime plus the eating habit is the cause of cavity

Does root canal treatment kills the teeth or does teeth is dead?

The answer is tooth is equally functional and alive after root canal treatment..

The most interesting question asked by patient is why is dental treatment so expensive???

Haha seriously dental treatment is less expensive than the I phone you carry …to be Frank dental treatment is not expensive but the neglect is …mere a cavity filling can save your teeth from root canal treatment or extraction and it’s replacement

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What is the warranty of the treatment?

Very funny but  yes a very common questions …we can promise to deliver the best possible treatment as per our experience .. knowledge and skill and can provide warranty for cap as we get it from dental lab ..ache tho Bhai maintain aapko Krna hai

Can we smoke or drink after tooth extraction?

No you can’t smoke or drink after extraction

Are implants safe?!

Yes implants are very safe and are very common treatment but make sure to choose an implantologist with skill

Why are the charges different in every clinic???

Charges vary as per skill materia used and the experience of the dentist

Which is the best dental clinic in the town?

Any doubt about it .. Pathak dental clinic is the best dental clinic in the town so visit us www.pathakdentalclinic.com

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