Teeth Sensitivity

Best Treatments For Teeth Sensitivity in Pune

Teeth sensitivity is one of the most common dental complaints by most patients …..unable to drink hot or cold or enjoy ice cream, particularly during winter remains the most relevant dental issue so here we are to give some remedies for teeth sensitivity.

Causes: A tooth has three layers of enamel dentine and pulp usually due to cavity, hard brushing, gum disease, cracked tooth, or a worn filling all these can cause severe tooth sensitivity.

Teeth Sensitivity Treatments In Pune:

1. Desensitizing Tooth Paste

Desensitizing toothpaste can sometimes help to reduce tooth sensitivity when used for proper duration……your dentist shall recommend a good toothpaste and also advise the correct brushing technique ……… we often recommend our patients use ultrasoft bristle brushes.

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2. Fluoride Application

Fluoride application by dentists shall also help to reduce tooth sensitivity which can also be done at home.

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3. Bonding Agents

Bonding agents are also used by dentists on the worn tooth surface to reduce sensitivity.

4. Restoration Of The Tooth:

Restoration of the tooth is another key to reducing tooth sensitivity.

5. Root Canal Treatment:

Root canal treatment is the last alternative by any dentist in case sensitivity does not subside after all the above-mentioned treatments whereby the sensitivity shall subside.

The most important part is homecare whereby patients shall understand that using plain toothpaste without any abrasive with an ultrasoft bristle brush and gentle brushing shall definitely prevent any tooth wear and help patients to enjoy every part of their food.

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