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Tips and Tricks to Maintain Healthy Teeth

Most of the people in India are still unaware about the correct brushing techniques and ways to maintain healthy teeth henceforth here we present a blog about how to maintain good oral hygiene and some home remedy which shall help most of the people in day-to-day life.

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Rule no 1: The first thing that comes to our mind as soon as we get up is to brush our teeth hence let’s talk about the ideal technique to brush your teeth…start with the toothpaste…toothpaste shall be fluoridated without any abrasive agent like silica which shall abrade your teeth of any brand of your choice ….avoid using toothpowder (manjan). Take a pea-size toothpaste, not more than that and press inside the bristle ratle of just applying over the bristle it shall be pressed inside the bristle and gently brush your teeth for 3.5 min (we know Google recommend 2 min ) but ideally 3.5 min brushing is recommended. Don’t brush vigorously as most of the people believe vigorous brushing techniques can whiten their teeth that’s hypothetical. After brushing rinse your mouth properly. Don’t use mouthwash daily it is supposed to be used only after consulting a dentist as prolonged mouthwash use have side-effects.

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Rule no 2: Change your brush every 3 months without fail it doesn’t cost much so do change it every three months to make sure you have good teeth in future.

Rule no 3: After every meal kindly rinse your mouth to make sure there is no food lodgment which shall attract bacteria and then the cavities.

Rule no 4: Don’t try teeth whitening with baking soda and lemon after watching YouTube videos visit your dentist they shall guide you better atleast trust their advice.

Rule no 5: Chocolates are good and who doesn’t like them but after every Chocolate u have make sure you brush your teeth as they are the culprit for your cavities.

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Rule no 6: Increase fiber food intake…..yes yes diet too plays important role in maintaining your teeth and gums.

Rule no 7: In case of severe dental pain at night… in case if no dentist replies use sterile cotton with clove oil but make sure to visit the dentist the next morning also take a painkiller and do warm water salt rinse …sometimes these home remedies are helpful.

Rule no 8: Don’t ignore gum disease as they doesn’t cause much pain but they sure you loose your teeth so consult dentist for any gum issue.

Rule no 9: Don’t use toothpick more often instead keep floss and interdental brush at home to remove the food particles stuck in between your teeth.

Rule no 10: Make sure you visit dentist every 6 months…that’s the key to maintain your teeth.

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