Tongue-tie in children | Tongue-tie Treatment In Pune

Ankyloglossia, better known as a lingual band, is said to exist when the inferior frenulum is attached to the base of the tongue and restricts the free movement of the tongue. Ligaments in the tongue can cause breastfeeding problems, especially difficulty holding the breast or prolonged pain in the mother’s nipple, oral health problems. If a tongue tie is present in a baby, the frenulum can be easily cut in a dental clinic. This procedure is called a frenotomy or frenuloplasty. In an older child, frenuloplasty is a minor procedure that may require general anesthesia.

Types of Tongue-tie

Types of Tongue-tie are categorized based on the location the tongue is attached to the floor of the mouth.

1. Total or complete: 

Wherever the ventral surface of the tongue is infused to the ground of the mouth. This is often the foremost common variety of depriving, whereby the tie is at the tip of the tongue.

Total or complete Tongue-tie

2. Partial:

Wherever the short lingual frenulum is shorter. Also, the tie is farther back towards the centre of the tongue.

partial tongue tie
Partial tongue-tie

Symptoms of Tongue-Tie in Children

  • Here are some symptoms of tabs that you may notice in your baby:
  • Your child may have difficulty lifting their tongue and touching it towards their mouth or moving it from side to side.
  • Your baby may not be able to stick his tongue out.
  • When the tongue sticks out, it may appear heart-shaped or even cut off.
  • You may also notice some symptoms when you are breastfeeding your baby.
  • Inability to hold the pacifier while feeding.
  • Feed for a long time with short intervals.
  • The baby clicks when breastfeeding.
  • Not gaining the right amount of weight.

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Problems Faced by the Children

  • In some kids, Ankyloglossia will cause speech defects. Preventing speech defects and rising a child’s articulation is also one more reason to contemplate surgery.
  • It contributes to dental issues moreover, will cause a persistent gap between the jowl incisors.
  • Causes restricted movements of the tongue like a problem to raise the tongue to higher incisors or move the tongue from facet to facet.
  • The tongue seems notched or heart-formed once stuck out.

Tongue-tie treatment

Some doctors and lactation consultants recommend correcting it right away surgically before discharge to avoid feeding problems, while some recommend the wait-and-watch approach.

The surgical procedure for tongue tie is called frenectomy.

  • A lingual nerve block with local infiltration
  • A tongue traction suture is taken to improve visibility and control and stabilization of the tongue.
  • One hemostat is placed at the anterior attachment of the frenulum and the other is placed at the inferior attachment.
  • A cross-diamond incision along the edge of both the hemostats is made.
  • Dissection of genioglossus  muscle fibbers is done, if necessary
  • Care is taken to avoid damage to the submandibular duct orifice.
  • Suturing is done in a vertical manner.

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