Dental Treatment in Children

Dental Care for Children- Tips From Dentist In Pune.

parents are often concerned about the health of their child and are up on toes to provide them with the best and earliest treatment possible, but they are found to be slightly negligent regarding the dental problems of young children. this is commonly due to the accepted fact that the milk teeth do not need treatment and will eventually fall off. But, till when can these problems be ignored? and how this will affect the surrounding tissues and the successor’s teeth?

As every disease needs to be treated, likewise dental problems also require timely attention and required treatment as well.

The eruption of teeth in the oral cavity of children begins from 6months of their age and a set of 20 teeth (upper and lower together) are erupted by 3 years of their age. these are called the milk or temporary teeth. this is the age when there is more negligence towards dental health and oral hygiene.

These teeth undergo resorption and fall off sequentially and get replaced by permanent teeth by the age of 6 years to 25 years.

What are the commonly dental problem seen in Children?

The most commonly seen dental disease in children is tooth decay and rotten tooth. this is usually because of the maximum consumption of sweet and sticky food. 

Tooth decay in children

Ignoring these caries leads to permanently damaging the pulpal tissue, which causes pain and discomfort to the children.

The other commonly found problem is the swelling of gums, it is seen in most of the children. In this, the gums become reddish and swollen. The cause of the swelling in maximum cases is improper cleaning of the teeth which facilitates the deposition of plaque leading to gum disease and bad breath in children.

Ulceration or sores are often seen in the oral cavity of the children, these are referred to as canker sores. These may appear on the cheek mucosa, gums or lips.

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Ulceration in Children
Ulceration in children

Tooth fracture more commonly affected teeth are the central incisors because they are more prone to trauma while playing. This fracture can range from mild to severe and requires emergency treatment.

Tooth fracture
Tooth fracture

Mal-aligned teeth – these include crowding or spacing of the teeth usually occurs because of the mismatching of teeth and arch sizes.

Mal-aligned teeth in children

Why is it important to treat all these problems?

‘A stitch in time saves nine’ is the commonly heard proverb which justifies the answer to this question.

Although the life span of the milk teeth is quite short in the oral cavity, their proper care is of utmost importance as they can hamper the growth and eruption of the successor’s teeth below them. Causing the bacteria to progress further in the tooth leading to the formation of caries in the permanent teeth, even before their eruption in the oral cavity.

Why do these problems occur?

  • Ignorance of oral care.
  • High intake of sweet and sticky substances.
  • Repeated missing of dental appointments and no regular dental check-ups.
  • Attendance for emergency pain relief.
  • Lack of awareness.

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Prevention measures and special care?

  • Teaching children proper brushing techniques and helping them to practice the technique twice a day For a few days until it becomes a habit.
  • Avoid Bad Foods that are bad for teeth
  • Explaining them the importance of oral hygiene.
  • Taking care of the teeth by regularly visiting the dentist.
  • Treating all dental diseases early to avoid further damage.

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