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Teeth Sensitivity Treatment In Pune

Teeth sensitivity is one of the most common dental issues which can hamper daily eating habit and spoil the happiness of having our favorite food stuff…the feeling of cringe while having ice cream or a sip of any hot or cold beverage so let’s talk about teeth sensitivity in detail.

Sensitivity Due to Tooth Wearing:

Tooth is basically divided into two parts the crown and roots..the crown is composed of three parts enamel, dentin, and pulp, when the outermost layer wears off due to any of the wasting disease i.e attrition, erosion, abrasion, abfraction patient can experience extreme sensitivity due to the exposure of the inner layer that is dentin which contains dentinal tubules filled with fluid where there are nerve innervations, the same problem of tooth sensitivity develops when the gum recedes exposing the roots which then becomes extremely sensitive and it becomes mandatory to visit a periodontist for root coverage.

It is always advised to visit the dentist for any form of tooth sensitivity as they are best to guide about treating tooth sensitivity which can sometimes be more serious and can hamper daily food activity so if you have sensitivity and is really bothering you visit Pathak dental clinic.

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Oral hygiene regimen:

Need to maintain good oral hygiene to maintain good and healthy gums and to prevent cavity which can lead to sensitivity and also avoid the use of tobacco.

Avoid hard and aggressive tooth brushing:

A hard bristle brush can often lead to tooth wear and can hamper gum condition leading to teeth hypersensitivity so it is advised to use a soft or ultra-soft bristle brush. Brushing should also be very delicately done with no force applied as that shall be sufficient to maintain good teeth condition also avoid using toothpaste containing silica as those are abrasive agents leading to tooth wear.

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Avoid parafunctional oral habit:

Bruxism or clenching tooth in any form may lead to tooth wear and increase tooth sensitivity in such cases the dentist may advise you to use a nightguard in order to save teeth from abnormal tooth forces.

Maintain a good diet:

Avoid beverages like cold-drink or any beverage containing more citric acid as they are the reason for tooth erosion and increase tooth sensitivity also maintain a good diet containing less sugar to avoid any form of the cavity.

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